Sunday, June 10, 2012


CONGRATULATIONS to Natashsa Trethewey,

chosen as the next Port Laureate.  She is the first Southerner to hold the post since Robert Penn Warren, the original laureate.  Her term starts in September.

Natasha Trethewey's second book, Bellocq's Ophelia, (2002) uses the early twentieth-century photographs (by E.J. Bellocq), of prostitutes in the Storyville section of New Orleans, as a springboard to tell the story of one of the mixed-race prostitutes.

She won the Pulitzer Prize in 2007 for Native Guard whose central sequence is devoted to the Louisiana Native Guard, a Black regiment in the Union Army, made up of mostly former slaves who enlisted and who were assigned to guard Confederate POWs.

She is the author of four poetry books.  Thrall is forthcoming in September, 2012.

Click here to see her poem "Letter Home"

Click here to see her poem "Pilgrimage"


Secondly, I want to share a online site for poetry and prose that's been previously published in RATTLE, a wonderful magazine.  I've bookmarked this site so I can go to it daily:

Click here to go to RATTLE online.


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