Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I saw a wonderful exhibit on William Butler Yeats, at the National Library of Ireland, when I was there recently. There were display cases containing drafts of his poems, letters, photographs, gifts from others that became subjects of poems, photos of various male and female friends, playbills and books.  There were areas where videos played (one on his interest in the occult, another on Yeats and the women in his life, on the Irish Literary Theatre, and one as an introduction).  One area had a place to sit and listen to an audio presentation of his poetry and a screen on which was projected the particular poem being read.  It was a delightful exhibit — and I didn’t have enough time to see it thoroughly.

But I grabbed the brochure for YEATS: The Life and Works of William Butler Yeats, as the exhibit is titled.  On the back of the brochure is printed

Explore our Yeats online exhibition

So when I returned home, I checked out the website and — WOWY-ZOWY! — it’s just like being at the exhibit in Ireland.

After clicking and getting into the site, there’s a map of the exhibit at the bottom right of the screen.  You can click an area and — whoosh — you’re in the area, in front of a display case or video screen.  Click on an object in the display case and a close-up with description appears.  (I clicked on a lapis-lazuli carving that was hard to see up close in the actual exhibit and online I was able to see it in detail and with views from all sides.)  Click on a video screen and see the video.

Click her to go to the exhibit.

This is an amazing exhibit — and all at your fingertips.  I’m not certain how long the exhibit will run: I’m presuming, at least, through the end of this year.



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